Success – To put pen to paper

So, my challenge a couple of weeks ago was to put pen to paper each day for 7 days. I succeeded!

I got off to a great start on Monday using an exercise entitled Zoom In. This involves placing yourself high above a location (in this case the final scene of my story) and working your way down noting points from all the senses. A little like a bird swooping in. It enabled me to get right into the scene.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a little more sporadic and all I managed to write on Wednesday was my journal, but as that falls by the wayside most days it was nice to curl up in bed and allow a flow of words about life to fall to the page.

For the remaining days I was able to build upon Mondays work, complete a further exercise from a writing magazine and write an entry for this blog. Opportunities included writing on a train journey, sat in the car in a quiet spot whilst the girls had their afternoon sleep and simply at the dining room table.

I discovered the trick was not to procrastinate (I love that word!) and always have a couple of notebooks with different ideas and projects to hand so you can get straight on with an idea. I do find the smaller the amount of time, the quicker I can assimilate my thoughts and really write something useful. I recently had a whole day to myself and only wrote the most meaningful prose in the last couple of hours!

I highly recommend this challenge!


To put pen to paper

This week’s challenge is to try and commit some words to paper every day. My writing recently has been sporadic to say the least and I always get bogged down in research, twitter, this blog etc.

So I have promised myself to sit with pen and paper each day to try and establish some routine.

The Daily Post has started it’s Writing 101 and Blogging 101 with challenges. These may form the basis for some exercises for me. I also have two short stories and one longer one ‘resting’ and a further recent one needing attention. Plenty to occupy myself.

I shall let you know how successful I am!