Grateful for every day #4

My first day back at work today, to be honest, despite some trial days earlier in the month, I felt like I had been hit by a bus when I got home. However we had the higher education equivalent of Ofsted to pressure then!

– I felt most welcomed, even the head of department recognised it was my first day
– My teaching wasn’t chosen to be reviewed by the panel (huge sigh..)
– The department passed their interim inspection (massive cheer)
– The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day at nursery, ate everything and brought home decorated valentines cards.
– employing a cleaner at home was ABSOLUTELY the right decision!

– A sense of displacement in the department due to an office move and change in responsibilities
– A really close colleague has decided to take on a new role elsewhere
– This is going to be a tiring juggling act!

Overall a really positive start back after my leave. I feel organised at home, if a little displaced at work for the time being.