Who can we trust? The Honorable Woman

Gripping, intriguing, interesting, knowledge advancing, thought provoking. All adjectives which bounced around my mind when I settled into bed after the final episode of Hugo Blick’s enthralling series.

I do not know a lot about cinematography but the techniques used were captivating. Obviously artistic elements without being overly descriptive.

I adored the following of the characters thought processes, the twists and turn and unexpected corners.

It required a lot of concentration, and carried a lot of discussion in our house both during and afterwards. It encouraged me to learn more about the middle east, Gaza and the West Bank

Part way through I thought had lost the plot, truly! and I was left just enjoying watching Tobias Menzies as Nathaniel. Alison Grahams comment in the RT felt like it may ring true; Would the badgers have done it?!

However I joined in reading the guardian blog http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2014/jul/03/honourable-woman-recap-episode-one-maggie-gyllenhaal

And devoured the thoughts from the blog and comments alike.

Nessa was a most intriguing person. But it was Hugh that I liked most. He connected in my mind more with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in 2014 than Spooks and I liked that. He was very believable. That this is maybe how the service works. Old ways and new ways covered over with a dry sense of humour.

Gabriel Tate raised the question “should there be another series?” I think not. There were loose ends but to my mind it doesn’t matter. I have enjoyed it as it is.