Grateful for everyday #10

Double figures!

-A gentleman shook my hand in thanks for the pharmacy advice I gave to him today
– I offered some help to my church
– My hubbie cooked the most glorious curry for tea

– I feel technology will always get the better of me, particularly when the technology is run by the NHS
– Couldn’t quite get today’s 40 acts done, I need to think outside the box. That means 2 acts tomorrow!


Grateful for everyday #9

The beginning of lent. “Generosity rarely happens” you have to plan.

-I began my #40acts
-the girls and I visited a friend recovering from an operation
-I began sowing vegetable seeds for the allotment

-My to do list gets ever longer!

The day definitely had the feel of a ‘fresh start’.

Grateful for everyday #8

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Productive at work and home.

-we booked our adventure to France! Most people would call it a holiday but I’m not sure we can when travelling with 2 18month girls! It will however involve red wine and sand in varying quantities!
-I assisted one of my students with a variety of problems and he left genuinely enthused.
-I booked a catch up curry with an old friend
-Hubbie and I made pancakes

– My throat and neck tell me I’m coming down with a cold
-I miss my girls

Tomorrow is the beginning of lent and I have signed up for #40acts.. Here goes!

Grateful for everyday #6

..not to be served, but to serve.

-The whole family went to church this morning
-Having decided giving something up for lent would be too much pressure this year, I have discovered @40acts. An act of generosity every day throughout lent.
-The more I read about mindfulness, balance and reflection the more at home I feel.

-The heating was broken in church (Burrrr!)
-Feeling rather behind in the house due to new working pattern
-A complex decision to be made about how I wish to serve in the church more (without upsetting aforementioned family balance)

Lots to think about, but surely that is what Sunday is for.