To put pen to paper

This week’s challenge is to try and commit some words to paper every day. My writing recently has been sporadic to say the least and I always get bogged down in research, twitter, this blog etc.

So I have promised myself to sit with pen and paper each day to try and establish some routine.

The Daily Post has started it’s Writing 101 and Blogging 101 with challenges. These may form the basis for some exercises for me. I also have two short stories and one longer one ‘resting’ and a further recent one needing attention. Plenty to occupy myself.

I shall let you know how successful I am!


How to pack efficiently for a holiday (or two!) with young family!

This weeks challenge: Packing for a long weekend in London visiting family followed swiftly (6 days later) by a week in Dorset!

My spare bed is completely covered in the paraphernalia required to somehow ship the four of us including two little girls on holiday..twice!

My way through this jungle, a list. I am, for my sins, a queen list maker. I have for sometime written lists for holidays. A trusty notebook has now been replaced by Evernote. If you have any sort of computer, never mind ipad or smartphone, try it. It’ll sync between all three so when you remember something on the train you add it to the same note/list. When I need I hit print or tick the boxes on the device as I go. (I’ve not got been paid to say that, I really do love it!).

I am however second division as on discussion with my mother in law this morning, I have one holiday list, she has four! Beach, Self-catering, sailing and city break!

I’ve added one, all the girls stuff, so I’m half way there.

If the holidays go well, I shall share my lists. Why reinvent the wheel?


Speedy bunting for a friends wedding

This weeks challenge is to finish, and begin for that matter, at least 10m of bunting for a friends wedding! Mine will be added to many other pieces of 10m to decorate their reception venue.

Thankfully I have made bunting before, for my girls bedroom. However they take so much of my time I am left to sew at 9pm at night. Oh the look of disappointment on my husbands face when I declare I’m off up to the snug (attic room; completely child free zone!) rather than snuggle up on the sofa with him. Tough but the solitude for two whole hours is so precious!

I shall post my novice sewers guide to bunting soon!