Grateful for everyday #11

An emotional day, in tears on a colleague before 9am after loosing my confidence at work over an issue.
However, there were still pros:
-unwavering support from colleagues
-students who want to learn and give you back your faith in the young
-establishing some more career direction by a chance conversation

A day off work tomorrow with my hubbie, off down to the allotment.


Grateful for everyday #10

Double figures!

-A gentleman shook my hand in thanks for the pharmacy advice I gave to him today
– I offered some help to my church
– My hubbie cooked the most glorious curry for tea

– I feel technology will always get the better of me, particularly when the technology is run by the NHS
– Couldn’t quite get today’s 40 acts done, I need to think outside the box. That means 2 acts tomorrow!

Grateful for everyday #8

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Productive at work and home.

-we booked our adventure to France! Most people would call it a holiday but I’m not sure we can when travelling with 2 18month girls! It will however involve red wine and sand in varying quantities!
-I assisted one of my students with a variety of problems and he left genuinely enthused.
-I booked a catch up curry with an old friend
-Hubbie and I made pancakes

– My throat and neck tell me I’m coming down with a cold
-I miss my girls

Tomorrow is the beginning of lent and I have signed up for #40acts.. Here goes!

Grateful for everyday #6

..not to be served, but to serve.

-The whole family went to church this morning
-Having decided giving something up for lent would be too much pressure this year, I have discovered @40acts. An act of generosity every day throughout lent.
-The more I read about mindfulness, balance and reflection the more at home I feel.

-The heating was broken in church (Burrrr!)
-Feeling rather behind in the house due to new working pattern
-A complex decision to be made about how I wish to serve in the church more (without upsetting aforementioned family balance)

Lots to think about, but surely that is what Sunday is for.

Grateful for everyday #5

A long day at the end of a tiring week! However I have a warm sense of achievement.

-My new pharmacy is running like a well oiled machine of which I am now an integral cog
-We had a much larger than anticipated audience for last nights concert, Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony must be well liked!
-My friends little girl is out of danger in hospital

-I didn’t see as much of my girls as I like today, which still feels strange
-I was more nervous than usual for the concert as I felt under practiced (‘Must try harder’)

Grateful for every day #4

My first day back at work today, to be honest, despite some trial days earlier in the month, I felt like I had been hit by a bus when I got home. However we had the higher education equivalent of Ofsted to pressure then!

– I felt most welcomed, even the head of department recognised it was my first day
– My teaching wasn’t chosen to be reviewed by the panel (huge sigh..)
– The department passed their interim inspection (massive cheer)
– The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day at nursery, ate everything and brought home decorated valentines cards.
– employing a cleaner at home was ABSOLUTELY the right decision!

– A sense of displacement in the department due to an office move and change in responsibilities
– A really close colleague has decided to take on a new role elsewhere
– This is going to be a tiring juggling act!

Overall a really positive start back after my leave. I feel organised at home, if a little displaced at work for the time being.

Grateful for everyday #3 – one week later!

This is much harder than it looks! I am still very grateful but finding it hard to find the time (I know, it’s a couple of minutes) to compose my thoughts. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

Pros (for a whole week)
– I met a new group of friends at a house group
– I gave blood for the first time in 10 years
– My daughters were christened on Sunday

– It was my last week of maternity leave, I now fall into that of most difficult categories, working mum
– I haven’t had sufficient time to rehearse for a forthcoming orchestral concert
– My annual planner book still hasn’t arrived! Best laid plans and all….

Grateful for every day #2

A sunny, busy Monday

-I had coffee with a newly found friend and her twins, giving one another ideas and support
-I had done all my weeks planning on Sunday giving me a head start to the week
– I cuddled twin 2 to sleep (indulgent!)
– I got lots of fiddly tasks completed

– I couldn’t avoid confrontation over a matter at a committee meeting
– I learnt a close friends father had passed away