Good Sleep Hygiene

With children in the house, a good night’s sleep can be a complete luxury. But why therefore, am I left unable to drop off to sleep whilst the children sleep soundly?

Several articles recently have piqued my interest about the effects of blue light on melatonin levels, integral to the body’s ability to sleep well.

Here is a link to a BBC article describing one of the latest published studiesHarvard Medical School e-book research.

So I began my own review of my ‘sleep hygiene’. I first reviewed a number of articles and recommendations. The most helpful I found was from the sleep council:

I find my body is tired but my mind too alert. A symptom possibly of my current situation of being on maternity leave. So I have resolved to write much more regularly, even if it is only briefly in the form of a personal journal. This will help to both use my mind and clear it of worries, doubts and niggles.

Secondly I am terrible for using the ipad or my iphone right up until crawling into bed. How can I ask my body and mind to settle, when it is still receiving such data? So these will be put away at least an hour before bed to remove any bluelight disruption to my body clock.

With any luck this will only leave the unpredictability of waking children!


Where does the time go?

So, my last post was October, it is now December. The difference for me is my girls dropped their morning sleep, so life is now even busier!

However I stumbled across a new leading light in the world of organisation, the Passion Planner. The brain child of the college graduate in the states Angelia Trinidad.

After a good few goes I now successfully manage my (and my families) diaries electronically, but have taken to scribbling lists and ‘to do’ ¬†on A4 sheets, often on a Monday morning to start my week. There is never any connection or path between these sheets and I can feel sometimes like I achieve very little.

Angelia has reintroduced me to the planner. It is not another diary but lists, goals, focuses and reflection. Even a little section ‘Good things that happened this week’.

I started by printing her free trial sheets and using an A4 presentation folder to hold them in. I prefer to work in A5 so I went ahead and treated myself ordering the compact version. It is pricey, but I know I’ll use it and because it forms a journal as well, I can record special moments, particularly from my girls (first tooth etc) and keep them through the years to look back on what we have achieved.

A colleague of mine always buys a good paper diary and sticks mementos in with her appointments, such as concert tickets or invitations enabling her to keep them for prosperity.

Take a look for yourself: