To put pen to paper

This week’s challenge is to try and commit some words to paper every day. My writing recently has been sporadic to say the least and I always get bogged down in research, twitter, this blog etc.

So I have promised myself to sit with pen and paper each day to try and establish some routine.

The Daily Post has started it’s Writing 101 and Blogging 101 with challenges. These may form the basis for some exercises for me. I also have two short stories and one longer one ‘resting’ and a further recent one needing attention. Plenty to occupy myself.

I shall let you know how successful I am!


Holiday packing with young family

After a successful and surprisingly restful couple of holidays (with sunshine!), I feel confident enough to upload my packing lists!

General success all round from the lists. Bath toys were duly packed, but there was no bath in our Dorset cottage! (I never thought to check and the girls are too young really to shower).  After a day or so our intuition lead us to a hardware shop to purchase a large gardening trug.. it worked a treat!

The lists are on my page ‘organisation’. A couple of notes; On the children’s list I have left on brand names of items we use. I thought I may as well share items I have found useful. Cetraben is moisturiser. Nasosal are saline nose drops. I was very grateful we packed these as we all developed colds during the week!

On the general packing list second page, there is also my basics list for self catering. Sometimes I pack these to go with us, sometimes it simply reminds me what we should buy first at the supermarket.

Hope they help!